Kingsize Enjoyment: A380s in Munich

Lufthansa has already deployed 15 A350 aircraft at Munich Airport, and in 2018 they will be reinforced by five A380 wide-body airliners. These are the world’s largest and heaviest passenger aircraft. Measuring nearly 73 meters long and 24 meters tall with a maximum takeoff weight of 560 tonnes, each of these planes can accommodate up to 526 passengers.

This is major news for Germany’s southernmost aviation hub: it is the first time that Lufthansa is using the superjumbos to power three important long-haul routes, namely those to Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Beijing. This expansion of intercontinental capacities will catapult Munich into the elite club of Europe’s largest airports. It will also integrate Bavaria better into the globe-spanning aviation network.

The airport’s boss, Dr. Michael Kerkloh, sees the planned stationing of the giant Airbus planes as a logical consequence of the joint efforts in recent years to grow the Munich hub: “Now we’re harvesting the fruits of the highly successful partnership between Lufthansa and Munich Airport, which proves its worth daily in Terminal 2 and the new satellite building. The fact that the London-based Skytrax institute honored our Terminal 2 this year as the world’s best airport terminal confirms that passengers, more than anyone else, are benefiting greatly from this intensive collaboration.”

See for yourself: experience these gargantuan aircraft up close and use them to fly nonstop to Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Beijing in state-of-the-art comfort.

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