RK Singh, Energy Minister Not Supported By Ministry-Party

December16, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singhprogressindia2015@gmail.com

It is shocking as the demand even at winter peak toady isMaximum 3757 MW, andMinimum 1480 MW – there are Frequent Tripping and many Grids Sub Stations have frequent interruptions when Connected Load could be30,000 MW to 40,000 MW.

DERC doesn’t release Monthly Report of Grid Operations.

Governments routinely neglects Rural Feeders and 30% farmersPumpset Motors are Burnt Every year but in Delhi and South Delhi in Particular – it is not damaging electric gadgets worth upto Rs.50 Lakh in case of Residential Buildings [Lift, and a Single LCD TV or a Refrigerator Cost up to Rs.5 lakh as most Expensive Gadgets there are many TVs, per floor plus computers, Air-conditioners, CCTV, Geysers, Booster Pumps, scores of Lights & Fans etc all of them are imported even Pumps & Geysers] – much more for Office Buildings – people have to install –

Gadgets worth say Rs.20 Lakh crores are not assured quality power supply.

Ø Diesel Generators,

Ø UPS & Invertors,

Ø Voltage Stabilizers

Since Major Troubles are EXPERIENCED after Energy Minister RK Singh, former Home Secretary, took over charge from Piyush Goyal – I think he is not Supported in the Ministry and Politically in Party.

Table attached points to Acute Under loading of Grids and Transformers in so many cases yet there are Tripping.

Load is not Balanced and Transformers are not operated in parallel at most Grid Stations though of same specifications.

There are Gross Incompetence in Complaint Handling of Consumers – to repair Fault of One Consumer sometimes entire 11 KV feeder is subjected to frequent power cuts.

Load curve of Masjid Moth Substation is attached here. Fluctuations illustrate frequent trippings in area served.

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