Dr Swamy letter to PM

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#Swamyji has written to the #PM regarding the #2Gverdict.

Dear Prime Minister,

You are well aware of the judgement today of the #CBI #SpecialCourt on the 2G #Spectrum Case, acquitting all the accused. I request you to refer to paragraph 1812 of the said judgement. In this judgement, the learned judge of the #Court has stated that the prosecution not only was not performing its duty in assisting the Court to come to a right conclusion but he also stated “it is difficult to find out as to the prosecution wanted to prove. However, by the end the quality of prosecution totally deteriorated and it became directionless and difficult.”

It is quite apparent that the prosecution was carried out by the CBI in a manner to #assist #the #accused. In #TV broadcasts today the former #AttorneyGeneral of India #MrMukulRohtagti appointed by our government in 2014, has stated that the judgement dismissing the 2G Spectrum Scam case and acquitting of all the accused is a #correct #judgement.

You may recall that I have written several letters to you to point out that the appointment of Mr. Mukul Rohtagti as the Attorney General for BJP government was #inconsistent with our #commitment_to_fight_corruption, and that he was often going to #Dubai in the company of known #law_breakers and #corrupt_elements. Today, by his remark whereby he has #betrayed the Government, which appointed him as the Attorney General, by #supporting_the_judgement.

In any case fighting corruption and routing it was the plank of our 2014 election and
in the 2019 #LokSabha elections it will be an #issue_of_accountability.

I therefore urge you to take necessary steps to change the judgement in the higher Court so that we can #answer_our_critics in the next Lok Sabha elections.

With Regards,
Your sincerely,

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