Dear Sagar Media Inc, My husband abandoned us 

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

My husband abandoned us the day my daughter was born.

Just about a year ago the support of people like you, helped change our lives forever.

3 years ago, when my daughter tried to get a passport, the authorities forced her to put down the name of the man who abandoned her.

I am a single mother, I did not have the resources to fight a lengthy court case. That is why I started a petition on to change the passport rules.

Because of the strong support my petition received, the Ministry of External Affairs finally changed the rules to benefit the children of single parents.

Sagar Media Inc, your signature on petitions like mine, have helped change so many lives!  

I want to make sure that can continue to empower people like me, for which your support is crucial. India is able to do its work because of donations from people like you and me.

Your contribution no matter how big or small will allow to continue to empower ordinary citizens like me to run impactful campaigns.

Sagar Media Inc, your support will make amazing things happen.

Thank you and a Happy New Year!
Priyanka Gupta

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