In the wake of ongoing sealing of business establishments in Delhi, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) today called upon Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal to intervene in the matter and represent the traders of Delhi in Supreme Court as was done by Shiela Dikshit Government in past sealing held from Year 2006 onwards and protect the traders. The CAIT has further asked the CM to pass 351 Roads as Commercial and Mixed Land Use pending before Delhi Government since last more than 5 years.

CAIT Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal said that MCD officials violating all norms and statutory provisions of MCD Act are carrying sealing operations under the directions of Monitoring Committee appointed by the Supreme Court. Onus lies on Urban Development Department of Delhi Government to actively look in to the issue and protect the traders. The Government can not pass buck on either MCD or Central Government.

It is highly regretted that 351 Roads have been identified by the MCD for declaration as commercial or mix land use and has been sent to Delhi Government for notifying such roads. Unfortunately earlier Shiela Dikshit and Kejriwal Government has so far not notified the roads depriving lakhs of traders from the benefit. It is high time now when Delhi Government should come under action and notify the roads


He said sealing business premises without following mandatory provisions of MCD Act amounts to violation of principle of natural justice.Even in an ordinary circumstances, a show cause notice and opportunity of hearing is given to meet the ends of justice. MCD Act is a statutory Act passed by the Parliament and therefore everyone is obliged to comply the provisions of the Act.

He recalled that in the year 2007, Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development while filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court confessed that during four decades, the Government could able to develop only 16% of the commercial space in Delhi, the rest of the 84% required commercial space was developed by traders with their own capital and hard work. He further said that current Master Plan 2021 was put to review by the Government and though eight years have passed but still the Master Plan is under review. This speaks of the lethargic and callous attitude of the Government officials and it is irony that on the lapses of the Government officials, the traders have been made scapegoat.

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