UCypher, India’s biggest E-Sports phenomenon

26 Dec. at 12:04 pm


Trust this mail finds you well. 

I’m writing to you on behalf of UCypher, India’s biggest E-Sports phenomenon in the country.

Considered to be one of the fastest growing ‘sport’ in the world, ESports is still in its nascent stage in India. The gaming market is estimated to be over USD 500-600 million with more than 2000 teams consistently participating in tournaments across India and abroad. While big in the West and Asian markets like South Korea, ESports is yet to make an impact in India.

To change the game this year, stalwart Ronnie Screwvala (Founder- U Sports) along with Supratik Sen (Co-Founder/CEO U Sports) will be introducing the country to UCypher, an e-sporting league, that is set to launch this January with the first season of its television show. 

About UCypher:

  • Aims to help talented athletes achieve their maximum potential by providing them a platform to build and advance their career in sport
  • Under the USports umbrella, UCypher is touted to be India’s first multi-gaming platform for Esports league helmed by Ronnie Screwvala  and Supratik Sen
  • All set to unveil its first season, UCypher will showcase will see six teams comprising of the best players in the country competing against each other playing the four most popular games CS: Go, Dota, Tekken 7, and Real Cricket ‘17
  • Together with our television partner, MTV, a perfect youth entertainment destination, this daily showcase will unravel 37 action packed episodes where the gifted few will battle for the coveted title

To discuss this game-changing scenario of ESports in the country, we have available Ronnie Screwvala (Founder, U Sports) who will be happy to highlights:

  • Changing perceptions with ESporting
  • Making Esporting aspirational
  •  World-wide exposure and taking the sport a notch higher

Also, Supratik Sen Co-Founder of UCypher, also the CEO of USports, can offer insights on:

  • The entrance of E-sports in the country
  • Future of the this sport
  • Increasing appeal to a wider audience
  • Building affinity for the sport with advertisers and marketers

Do let us know your interest in taking this forward. Basis your convenience, we can schedule a meeting/call with the spokespeople.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 



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