Celebrate Bob Marley this February ’18

Let’s celebrate the birthday month of the legendary singer Bob Marley with Reggae beats in air, in the “Home of All Right”!


Every year in Jamaica, February marks the onset of the annual Reggae Month, that traditionally kickstarts with the joyous “Bob Marley Birthday Bash”. From 1st February – 6th February, Jamaicans along with visitors from around the world will celebrate the 26th birthday of the King of Reggae, in Negril. Continuing the soulful legacy, the week-long festivities would feature a taste of authentic Jamaican culture, through energetic Music and Live Performances, delectable Caribbean Food, Creative Art Expressions and much more. In the honour of Bob Marley Birthday Bash, top International artists, recognized worldly, for their rhythms of pulsating reggae music, would charm the islands’ vibe, which undoubtedly have their roots in Jamaica.

Saluting the grand occasion, the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association, would be extending the weekly celebration into a month-long party-box, as a dedication to the much-loved genre of Reggae. Store-in is an everyday promise of electrifying live music, dancehall concerts, and weekly discussions, expos and awards nights. Amidst all this February fun, a walk-through the Reggae Village is a must, especially set up at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, for the visitors. Also do not miss to visit Bob Marley Museum, which is his former place of residence. The place will show every aspect of the life of Bob Marley.

Although Jamaica is known for its’ year-round celebratory ambiance, but, Reggae is the island’s spirit, that one will find in every shade of this beautiful Caribbean Island! Reggae is also an inevitable part of the Bob Marley legacy, which has transcended beyond Jamaican shores. Born and brought up in Jamaica, the timeless legend always has a special place in the hearts of Jamaicans and his fans worldwide.

Come and discover the purest form of reggae music, this February, at the 11th staging of Reggae month, only in “Home of Reggae”.

Published by Naresh Sagar

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