Sagar Media Inc today tweets

  1. Sagar Media Inc :Two jets collision At Pearson Intl airport Toronto Canada this is second colloid in five months Enquiry ordered to reveal shortcomings. Mexico 23ks political death 6 in week,Gen election ensuing Org crime dominate Governance.18 killed US snow storm ad b indoors.

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    Believe it or not Gossip in Sports policy by Delhi Govt on the anvil some draft are being discussed for Right of Education includes Right of play or sports an essential ingredient in school education.

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    Media Gossip believe it or not PM Modi not satisfied with performance some cabinet minister then what is action forward need to bring some excellent ones to bring efficient governance,some surprise for Media and thinkers.Not hallucinations but get excellence from team is Rt think

  4. Sagar Media Inc Media Gossip of PM Modi reshuffle in cabinet Blast in JK kill 4 Policeman Indian US diaspora too much fear to be sent back with no plan in India.

    1. India growth in downturn due to Demtz-GST dry cash flow slowed most MSME,Agr, Infra & Industry 2Qtrs.PM Modi 2018 imp,Gov need Smart cabinet changes. Living legends action on display Equally global support add up. Vibrant Saffron’sState BIZmeet on cards in current year. Coordination rise

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