Shri Venkaiah Naidu, the Hon’ble Vice President of India formally inaugurated theNational Cadet Corps Republic Day Camp 2018 at the DGNCC Camp adjacent to CariappaParade Ground in Delhi Cantt. On his arrival, the Vice President was received by theDirector General, Lt Gen BS Sahrawat, SM.2070 Cadets including 695 girl cadets drawn from 29 States and 07 Union Territories ofthe Country are participating in this camp that culminates into the Prime Minister’s Rally on 28Jan 2018. The cadets attending the camp will be participating in a number of activities, likeCultural Programmes, National Integration Awareness and Institutional Training Competitions.

A contingent of smartly turned out NCC cadets drawn from all the three wings of Army,Navy and Air Force, presented a ‘Guard of Honour’ to the Vice President on his arrival. TheVice President also visited the Flag Area where he has briefed by the young cadets about theirrespective States on themes contributing towards national awareness and integration. Heappreciated the efforts displayed in the Flag Area by the different States.

The Hon’ble VicePresident along with other distinguished guests later witnessed a spectacular ‘CulturalProgramme’ by the talented cadets in the NCC auditorium. In his address, the Hon’ble Vice President complimented the efforts of National CadetCorps, the largest uniformed youth organisation in grooming the youth of the country and itscontribution towards “Nation Building’. He also mentioned that NCC is and would be in thevanguard of all activities helping to channelise our youth into a creative force to usher in socialchanges through a wide spectrum of activities. He also appreciated the impressive turnout ofthe ‘Guard of Honour’. The Hon’ble Vice President urged the NCC cadets to avail the best ofNCC training and be more responsible and empowered citizens of the count

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