Vodka & Ethanol – Potato Farmer Options

Vodka & Ethanol – Potato Farmer Options vs Rotting in Stores

January08, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

This another story of Ashok Gutati & Ramesh Chand extreme dull,When Cold Storage Capacity for all Fruits, Vegetables, Milk Products is required to be 200 million tones* minimum India has only 31 million tones storage for all perishable food commodities. *100 million tones when Food Processing is largely developed to its Potential.

According to current status of cold stores, their total capacities have reached 31 million MT even though India allows 100 per cent Foreign Direct Investment’s (FDIs) in setting up of its cold chains with proposed futures’ 30 mega food parks to propel demand for cold storage and transportation. Multi-purpose cold store capacity created by India so far stagnates at 7.63 per cent against 92.82 per cent for potato and 1.07 percentage for fruit and vegetables. Whereas cold storage capacity for fish stays at 0.73 per cent and that of meat, it remains suspended at 0.15 per cent, diary and milk product 0.68 per cent and others at 0.36 per cent, said President PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Sharad Jaipuria.

When Potato farmers produced 49.3 million tons of Potato this year, 48.6 million tons last year all the Potato Storage Capacity is 28 million tones and this too is not fully available due to UNSOLD crops of previous year.

Ø Farmers are not allowed to HAVE THEIR OWN Cold storages for Potato & other Perishable Crops. [Potato Production can be raised to 60-70mt]

Ø Farmers are not permitted to Convert Good Quality surplus potato into VODKA and average quality in to Ethanol – India let it rot and waste.

Ø Small scale Units may produce 1-3 Billion Bottles of VODKA and 2 million tones of Ethanol – VODKA to GOI and Ethanol for self to run Automobiles.

Ø Potato processing in to French Fry, Boiled Potato etc cost little.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

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