Train delays due to fog worst in last 4 years

Even Rajdhanis delayed beyond 24hrs

New Delhi – 9th January, 2018-  In the first 15 days after the advent of fog this winter, it is turning out that train delays in the current fog season will be the worst in the last 4 years. This is according to the live train tracking data accumulated by RailYatri as reported by the train travellers. With the temperature in North India expected to drop further in coming days, the situation is not expected to improve anytime soon and RailYatri has issued a special advisory to all its travelers along with special alerts on trains most affected by the fog.

The National Train Delay Index as measured by RailYatri this fog season in the last 15 days of December 2017 stands at 87 mins with the worst of the typical fog days still to arrive in the northern part of the country. In general, the peak fog season is between December 15 to January 15. The National Train Delay Index as published by RailYatri over the last three years has been as follows – 72 mins (2014-15); 47 mins (2015-16); 96 mins (2016-17).

While the foggy winter is phenomenon a typically attributed to the northern part of the country, the train delays gets spread across the country due to its cascading effects.

Some of the top severely affected trains due to fog this season are–

1) Guwahati – New Delhi Poorvotor Sampark Kranti Express –  Nearly 52 hrs delay

2) Anand Vihar – Sealdah West Bengal Sampark Kranti Express – Nearly 48 hrs delay

3) New Delhi – Bhubaneswar Duronto Express – Nearly 34 hrs delay

4) Anand Vihar – Agartala Rajdhani Express – Nearly 30 hrs delay

5) Gorakhpur – Trivandrum Raptisagar Superfast Express – Nearly 29 hrs delay

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