Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat press conference

Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat in Delhi interacting with media on its annual media meet was in his elements to dwell on the volly of question tossed by media person in style appreciated  by media fraternity.

Army chief  after briefing the media for nearly 15-20 minutes opened the floor for the media to raise question.

On question of modernizing the force, the question was raised in many forms he categorically said, We need modern weapons and technology. We have to look at what we require to fight the future wars. We have to get systems that are best suited for our requirements:

Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat  added, Please visit the schools of J& K and see for your self the way children are taught with two maps one of india and the second of J&K , the education in Kashmir needs to be revamped. Let it not got corrupted. There must be check on disinformation through madrasas and Masjids. Children are being taught wrong things in schools. What does it lead to in a child’s mind?

Chief  added the China is a powerful country but we are not a weak nation and we are aware of his influence in the region.

Chief also paid Media his heartfelt gratitude for being mature and helping in assisting the mission of army but jibed not to seek our next mission strategy which need to be different unique so unpredictable to our adversaries, targets. Yes we can mull on last military skills. He said not primary media but social media need to be more mature and responsible which is need of the hour.

Touching media his verbatim

“Care to Martyrs family,widows, veterans and brotherhood are the culture for which people across nation join for this virtue embedder and shall ever imbibe to be part of family care,culture.

  1. Sagar Media Inc : Army Chief interaction with Media Repeated Q’s were asked on Dokhlam,BPJ,Morale of soldiers, Modernisation & Preparedness of Army, Twin front, He said forget 1962. Accepted some pitfalls in opening remarks.s surprise Media not spoke MIG submarine Vikrant slips

  2. Sagar Media Inc: Army Chief address with voluble diction suave persona non aggression attitude cool conduct in his two hours interaction Media paid apt attention to his each word spoken and showered lavish praise after the event.Balanced approach appreciable never in rage.

  3. Sagar Media Inc: Address Media Army Chief said we need to visualise future of combat. Technology help effective surveillance Engaging target can b differentiate weapon system.invoking internal security anti terrorist counter terrorists,engage human rts Nat disaster,beyond mandate

  4. Sagar Media Inc Army Chief: Assured Media the Coordination with China army is on move LOC and LOA differentiation are best resolved. Further adds we don’t need modernisation what others need our defence is as per need and requirements.

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