Thank you in advance Sagar Media Inc,

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

When I was 13, a mysterious illness left me paralysed waist-down. I learnt to live my life to the fullest while being wheelchair bound.

I wanted to travel, and I didn’t want my disability to come in the way. Sadly, the Indian Railways made it impossible for me.

The railways lack facilities such as ramps. I had to take the help of porters who ended up molesting me.

Last year, I started a petition on to make the Indian Railways accessible for all and people from across the country started signing the petition in support.

Because of the petition, railway officials took notice and took action. Today, 6 railway stations in India have taken simple but important steps to install ramps and procure wheelchairs.

Sagar Media Inc, all of this happened because of my petition on and your consistent support!

I want to continue to empower people like me, for which your help is crucial. India is able to do its work because of donations from people like us. Click here to make a contribution. Even a contribution of Rs 1000 will go a long way.

100% of your contribution will be used to empower individualsto make amazing things happen.

Thank you in advance Sagar Media Inc,

Virali Modi

Make A Contribution 

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