SSP Narmada Canal 75% Supply Cut, Wasn’t Election Issue

January14, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

I had reported poor storage situation in Narmada Basin end of monsoon. Disaster Management action was to be in place but on Poll Eve Releases from Dam were many times needs at Kharif Harvest season.

Gujarat is entitled to just 2.4 BCM of Water in present situation for June end season [Jan11, 2018] and even this is subjected Highest Distribution Losses – Gujarat is entirely depend on MP releases – reduced to 2540 Cusec already. Ecological releases are 621 cusecs for 180 down stream of SSP for Industries Agriculture & Domestic supplies all together. Less than2000 Cusec water shall be available for rest of season against 40,000 Cusec Mainline Capacity. MOST OF IT SHALL BE LOST TO LEAKAGES, FARMER PUNCTURES etc. On my advice in 1999 – Bypass Tunnel was made to divert water from Dead Storage but shall be of little help. [Supplies to Rajasthan are Cut for Long time – Maharashtra getting nothing]

Narmada Water Allocation, Monsoon & Latest Storage in BCM



S. Capacity

Sep28, 2017

Jan11, 2018
















Presently 203 Dams Live Storage Capacity in Gujarat = 7.751 BCM [Jan12] but of this South Gujarat including SSP has 4.1 BCM – adding Live Capacity of Gujarat Mahi River

Its over 5 BCM for 7.7 BCM of Live Gujarat. Surplus Storages are not linked to Narmada mainline. GUJARAT FACE CRITICAL DAYS AHEAD TILL 15th DAYS OF MONSOON SEASON.

Water will be diverted to industry: Farmers

Ahmedabad: Gujarat Khedut Samaj general secretary, Sagar Rabari, has threatened to launch an agitation to get Narmada water for farmers’ summer crop. The state government has asked farmers to be cautious in sowing for the summer crop and be prepared for paucity of water.

“The Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd (SSNNL) has stated that given the low level of water in the dam, SSNNL will not be able to provide irrigation water for the summer crop in the Narmada command area after March 15,” Rabari said. He alleged that most of the water meant for farmers was given to industry.

Farmers’ association wanted to know where the water meant for irrigation had been diverted because the irrigation canal had not been completed in the entire command area. He alleged that the government had diverted the water meant for irrigation to industries.

Narmada canal breached, wheat crop damaged

Ahmedabad: A major breach in the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam canal was reported in Kokata village of Viramgam taluka. The breach has damaged standing crops in around 200 bighas land in the village and the adjacent village of Jaksi.

Sarojba Jhala, sarpanch of Kokata village, said this is the third breach reported in the area after October. “This had happened because the canal was not made of cement-concrete,” she said.

“On Saturday morning, the canal bank suddenly broke and water rushed into the fields. The standing crop of wheat in these fields was damaged,” Sarojba said.

She said that the banks were made of only bricks and this is why there were frequent breaches.

Former sarpanch of the village, Mahendrasinh Jhala said that there was corruption in high places when the canal was built.

“We will urge the government to conduct a thorough inquiry into the frequent breaches,” he said. “There is wheat crop is in the fields. The excess water which has rushed into the fields has damaged the crop. We will asks the government to conduct a detailed survey of the damage and compensate the farmers adequately,” Mahendrasinh said.

A senior official blamed the farmers for the breaches. He said the farmers in the area had installed motors nears the bank and draw water from the canal using the pumps.

Vibration of the motor pumps, damaged the banks. Several times leakage from pipes had caused soil erosion, the official said.

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