Mumbai Maharathi pulls out of PWL

In a reaction to unethical act by the organisers of the PWL, led by Sunil Yash Kalra, the CEO of ProSportify, the team owners of Mumbai Maharathi have decided to withdraw from the 3rd edition of the PWL with immediate effect, according to a release issued by the team today
 While the team management has taken in its stride several instances of mismanagement and operational glitches by the league organisers, they reacted strongly to the incident that occurred at the toss between Mumbai Maharathi and their opponents. After Sakshi Malik won the toss, she oped to block the wrestler in the 74 kg category, but was prevented to so so by the organisers in a clear violation of the rules. Sakshi then had no option but to block a wrestler in another weight category and the 74 kg category proved vital in the final outcome of the match, with Mumbai Maharathi losing the tie 3-4 to Veer Maratha.
According to the rules, one weight  category cannot be blocked for consecutive matches and for a total of 2 out of the 5 league matches. Mumbai Maharathi had blocked the 74 kg category in their first encounter and now sought to do so in their third encounter, adhering to the rules, but the league organisers stepped in to twist the rules and thwart Mumbai Maharathi.
 Mumbai Maharathi are the 6th owners who have walked out of the league in 3 years.
Anuja Sharma

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