China:US defense strategy not fair

China’s Defense Ministry has criticized the United States for using a “Cold War” mindset to play up what the US calls the “Chinese military threat”.

Ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang issued a statement on Saturday in response to the national defense strategy of US President Donald Trump that was released the previous day.

The strategy names China and Russia as threats to the international order, and says that dealing with the 2 countries is the top priority.

Ren said the strategy is full of unreal assertions of “zero-sum” games and confrontations. He said China does not seek military expansion or sphere of influence and has always been a builder of world peace.

The statement touched on issues in the South China Sea where China and several other parties are involved in territorial disputes.

Ren said it is within China’s sovereign rights to carry out peaceful construction activities and to deploy the necessary defense facilities in islands and reefs of the South China Sea.

He said it appears that certain countries do not want to see peace and stability and are using the banner of “freedom of navigation” to undertake military activities in a tyrannical manner.

He urged the US to view China’s national defense and military development with objectivity.

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