SADD condemns Sirsa’s sectarian statement

SADD condemns Sirsa’s sectarian statement, asks Badals if they sanctioned it

NEW DELHI, Jan 29 — MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa’s statement on Tipu Sultan is aimed at turning two minorities against each other and is part of dangerous sectarian politics perpetrated in the country by bigger forces, SADD chief Paramjit Singh Sarna has declared.

Sirsa, who is historically and religiously completely illiterate, was heard referring to 1970 as a period for Tipu Sultan to have written some letters when the Mysore king had died long back in 1799.“Illiterate Sirsa was clearly parroting what was dictated to him by Nagpur. If he was a true Sikh, he would have no business whatsoever raising a non-issue ofTipu Sultan’s portraits in the Delhi assembly into a Sikh versus Muslim matter. But he did it brazenly at the behest of communal forces,” S. Sarna noted.He asked the Badals if they had issued a prior sanction to Sirsa to raise completely uncalled-for objections over the Mysore ruler’s posters. “If he did what hedid came after Badals’ approval, then the father-son duo must now hang their heads in shame,” the SADD president thundered.

S. Sarna recalled how Sirsa smiled sheepishly standing beside Sadhvi Jyoti when she made a disgusting comment at an election rally few years ago.“Uneducated Sirsa, who’s raised on drug and extortion money, has become Nagpur’s agent in the turban to drive their divisive agenda forward.

His every public statement, every gesture is dictated by the anti-minority, anti-Muslim Sangh Parivar that treats even the Sikhs as menial bodyguards of the Hindus,” S.Sarna observed. He’s a shame on the Sikh community, the SADD president said. “The Sikhs have no truck with brokers and middlemen of communalism. Given Sirsa’s statement, we don’t know if the Badals qualify to be called Sikhs any longer.

Kulwinder Singh Mattoo


By Naresh Sagar

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