Naresh be Onward Together

Naresh —

Last year, in the midst of our disappointment and concern for the future of our country, this team banded together to prove that we were knocked down, but not knocked out. You marched, formed new organizations like the ones that Onward Together supports, attended town halls, and signed up to run for office in numbers we’ve never seen before.

We can’t slow down now. That’s why I’m asking you to become an official member of Onward Together in 2018 by adding your name today.

In less than a year, Onward Together has supported more than ten groups and organizations doing absolutely incredible work to protect our democracy by advocating for voting rights, helping young people get involved in activism and running for office, and more.

In 2018, we’re taking the next step by expanding our mentorship program and holding our first Onward Together members event. Make sure you’re on the list — add your name right now.

Join now

Thank you — this means a lot to me,



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