UP CM Yogi help us not drop out from School for want of Toilets

Dear Sagar Media Inc ,

I stopped drinking water in summer so that I wouldn’t have to use the filthy bathrooms in my school.

When I had my periods, I would face the embarrassment of staining my uniform because I has no bathroom to change.

I wanted to stop going to school, but my parents forced me to attend.

Other girls are not as lucky! In my state of Uttar Pradesh, lakhs of girls stop going to school because they have no access to clean toilets.

Sagar Media Inc, I need your help to prevent girls from dropping out of school.

Sign my petition and ask the Uttar Pradesh Government to ensure that all schools have clean and accessible toilets.

Most schools have filthy toilets, many have no toilets and some schools stupidly keep their toilets locked so that they remain clean.

Children are forced to use open fields – exposing them to diseases like worm infections, UTIs and leaving them vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Toilets are a necessity not a luxury!

I look forward to your support in helping convince the UP government about this basic fact. Sign my petition.

Thank you for your support,
Krati Prakash

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