Dear Sagar Media Inc, At 13, I was ready to be a star

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

At 13, I was ready to be a star. I had bagged a national commercial with Pepsi. I was all set for my big break!
But life had other plans for me.

A mysterious illness nearly left me dead. When I finally recovered I was paralysed waist-down.

Sagar Media Inc, I did not give up! I learnt how to use a wheelchair and decided to live my life to the fullest.

I wanted to travel, and I didn’t want my disability to come in the way. Sadly, the Indian Railways made it impossible for me.

The lack of simple facilities such as ramps meant I had to depend on porters for help – who took advantage of my disability to grope and molest me.

Last year, I started a petition on to make the Indian Railways accessible for all.

Sagar Media Inc, your signature on my petition led to actual on-ground impact that benefits disabled passengers.

6 railway stations in India have installed ramps and procured train-friendly wheelchairs.

Recently, I had another big victory! Ernakulam junction has taken comprehensive steps to become disabled friendly – they have installed ramps, buggies, disabled-friendly lounges and sensitivity training for porters.

All this happened because of my petition on and your consistent support!

I want to make sure that can continue to empower people like me, for which your help is crucial.

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