Texas Instruments launchs the TI-RSLK

Texas Instruments has launched the TI-RSLK to equip engineering students in the undergraduate level with strong foundation in electrical, mechanical and computer science concepts.


The kit is based on a hands-on module-based design learning in core courses which also includes using skills for teamwork, problem solving and using industry design tools.


The TI-RSLK Maze Edition helps students physically grasp abstract concepts while having fun competing and racing the robots against classmates. Students can solve a challenge, which attracts and holds their interest.


How does the TI-RSLK differ from the other robotics kits on the market today?

TI created the robotics learning kit to fill a gap in existing engineering curriculum. To our knowledge, a structured curriculum does not exist to introduce robotics at the system level in engineering coursework.


There are plenty of robotics kits on the market that any age or level of student can build. However, the TI-RSLK is specifically designed to be used within the university setting to teach students the background knowledge necessary to fully understand the engineering concepts behind building a functioning robotic system. This knowledge can then be applied to real-world applications in the industry. With the TI-RSLK, students are problem-solving, learning through trial, fixing their errors by debugging hardware and software and learning how to move forward with this combined knowledge and experience.


Do let me know if you would be interested in a story about the TI-RSLK in India and how the kit is designed to prepare students for their future as engineers.


Look forward to hearing from you.


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