EU finally decided what it will do about the Rohingya crisis.

Dear friendToday the EU finally decided what it will do about the Rohingya crisis.

And the answer, sadly, is not much.

It has announced they will consider sanctions against some military officers but haven’t said what kind of sanctions, haven’t said which military officers, and haven’t said when the sanctions will be imposed.

It has announced it will tighten the arms and equipment embargo, which sounds good, but why aren’t they banning the sale of all arms and equipment?
It has announced reducing military co-operation, but not stopping it altogether.

The most positive step is support for a referral of the situation in Burma to the International Criminal Court (ICC). But instead of announcing it will work to build support from UN members to persuade the UN Security Council to refer Burma to the ICC, they asked Burma to refer itself. Something they know will never happen.
All of the issues they made some movement on are issues we have been campaigning on, alongside Rohingya and other human rights organisations. It’s only thanks to our combined efforts that we have persuaded the EU to go this far.

But they still need to go much further.

We won’t be stopping our lobbying. We’ll keep pressuring the EU to go further. The Rohingya crisis isn’t over, and the EU also needs to start doing more about the human rights violations in other ethnic states, the continued detention of political prisoners, and increasing restrictions on media and freedom of expression.

Thank you for your support so far. We made some progress today. It shows the pressure is starting to work.

You can read the full EU statement here.

And the Burma Campaign UK response here.

Thanks again for your support

Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK

Our mailing address is:

Burma Campaign UK

28 Charles Square

LondonN1 6HT

United Kingdom

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