5th India Maize Summit 2018

March 23rd , 2018 – FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi

I take pleasure in informing you that FICCI is organizing the 5th  edition of India Maize Summit  on March 23rd , 2018  (Friday) at FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi. FICCI has been organizing India Maize Summit since 2013 and after the success of last four editions, FICCI has now declared this as an Annual event. The 5th  edition of India Maize Summit aims at providing a common platform to all stakeholders to outline the opportunities in maize and deliberate on actions that are required at the policy and operational level to unleash the potential of Maize.

The Summit will deliberate upon:

(a) Enhancing productivity– to be in global race.

(b) Encouraging alternate uses of maize– maximizing value by diversification.

(c) Mechanization and Post-harvest management– imperative to raise farmers’ income.

(d) Assured markets and price risk minimization– win –win game.

(e) Maize for starch and feed industry– matching the market demand.

In view of the significance of the subject, I am writing to request  you to kindly join us for  the 5th India Maize Summit 2018 (Friday)  and make it a success. In case you are pre occupied, you may like to depute a senior representative to participate in the summit. Please find attached the Summit brochure and Registration form for your reference.Request you to kindly send us the filled in registration form at apoorva.mishra@ficci.c om .

I look forward to your participation in making this event a huge success.


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