Railways No Innovation, Mismanaged, To Be BANKRUPT Soon

March01, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

‘Papa Fail Mat Hona’ – daughters of Ashwani Lohani said to him when he took over as Railway Board Chairman. Unfortunately Papa Had Failed Railways over 38 years. Railways Operational Performance is negative. My concerns about his Weird Ideas are –


Ø Indian Railways is lifeline of Poor – who are Totally Neglected – for Rich there are Luxury Trains, Bullet Train, Airlines, Cars & Expressways, UBER H-H Services etc.

Ø IR Fares are already Uncompetitive but for Discounts for Children and Sr Citizens. VOLVO services had increased 4 Fold in 4 yrs.

Ø In case Petroleum Products are brought under GST – price of Diesel is reduced to Rs.35-40/L – Few shall travel by Trains, National Permit Buses & Goods Transport by road to be Cheaper in most regions. >> BANKRUPT RAILWAYS.

Ø Fast Electric Vehicles Being Introduced shall DISRUPT railway operations.


Ø Railways are not INTERCONNECTED to PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Access to Railway Stations & Railway Platforms is IMPOSSIBLE by any standard.




Ø Railways to build New Stations in Easy to Access locations, all over India.


Ø Expansion Projects are MOSTLY UNVIABLE, Bullet Train, Fitting New Toilets in Worn Out Coaches, 100% Conversion of Signal with 20 Yr Old Technology WEIRD When UBER serve over 2,00,000 Taxis in Delhi alone to around 10,000 Railway Locos.  


Ø Railways is ZERO in R&D – instead of IMPROVING Locos, Buys IMPORTED High Cost Locos, Double Decker Coaches not introduced, many ore Innovations Missing.


I started writing regularly since 1980 – that year I reported CSIR-NRDC are engaged in Bogus Research, Weird Ganga-Cauvery Link, Multi-Purpose Dams, Weird Idea of Gauge Conversion and Axle Counters, Scheduling of Trains, Power, Wagon Unloading.


In 1980 I petitioned to PM about the WEIRD Idea of Gauge Conversion– I wanted Doubling of Meter Gauge lines instead – so than even Stream Engine services could operate Express Trains at over 80 kmph speed – 100kmph Shatabdis. Trains average 50-60kmph on Delhi-Jodhpur section. There are too many halts because Single Line carry traffic in both directions – Not due to commercial reasons.  


1980 – IIT Delhi proposed AXLE Counter as technology to WARN AGAINST DETATCHMENT OF TRAINS Particularly Goods Trains. Within minutes Invented BETTER TECHNOLOGIES – Give Speed of Train to have passed to next train on same track.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

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