Tweets Nksagar

Naresh Kumar Sagar: Sagar Media Inc : First woman to lead Japan warship squadron
DM Rafel price secret for France unfold?. India By Polls RS 56 Polls imp for PM Modi in Governance. Macron to visit Taj.EU Ind in close Coop.EUBK
US Trump tariff tiff nationlism.
army parade on cards.
Shoe hurled at Ex Pak PM Nawaz Sharif in Lahore police arrests.Earlier ink was thrownFM.Maha Farmers reach Mumbai.China lift 2 term limits to Xiping cal lifelong term
Took reign 2013.
CongPrezRahul visits Singapore Malaysia. Modi Macron visit Varanasigiv bonanza
Naresh Kumar Sagar: Colombia election may not bring change in life of people because most of 150 Senate’s r in Nexus with Don’s criminals election can’t rejuvenate politics and people life cannot be improved.Money buys vote hence old vicious cycle begins to amass wealth with Nexus between Senate in contact with criminal.  Two with politician make windfall profit with corruption.

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