Disruptive Technologies

CII Western U.P Annual Meeting and

Session on

Disruptive Technologies

Evolving Trends & Innovation Foresight

1400 Hrs: 6 March 2018, Holiday Inn Hotel, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi


A major shift in business thinking has placed Artificial Intelligence at the very heart of business strategy. Last year saw a majority of tech giants focusing on an “AI first” strategy, leading the way for other major corporates to follow suit. The wider use of automated processes powered by AI, advanced robotics, and IoT connectivity will contribute to realising the ambitions of Industry 4.0. Otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 promises a more connected world in which machines carry out mundane tasks. Many companies have taken tangible steps to implement this in automated warehouses.


Convergence, collaboration and the open source movement have all contributed to the encouragement of cross sector innovation. Companies are looking to businesses in other industries for insights and expertise that can enhance their own products and services. AgriTech and FinTech, for instance, are developing alongside each other to tackle financial issues within farming. As cross sector innovation becomes the norm, we will see the greater application of successful strategies and business models from one industry to another.

With this background CII Western UP Annual Session is focusing on “Disruptive Technologies: Evolving Trends & Innovation Foresight” scheduled from 1400 – 1700 hrs on 6th March 2018 at Hotel Holiday Inn, 13A, Mayur Vihar Phase – 1, New Delhi.


The Session aims to address the following:

  • Mobile-first to AI-first

·         Steps towards Industry 4.0

·         Factory of the future

  • Convergence & Increased cross sector innovation


I am writing to invite you to kindly block your diary and confirm your participation and that of your colleagues through the enclosed Registration form.

Look forward to meeting you on 6th.


Warm regards,


Anish Chaudhry

Chairman – CII Western Uttar Pradesh Zonal Council

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