Jayant: Aviation prepare billion travellers

Min Aviation Jyant Sinha address the delegates at 4 leadership conclave, Hawai chapalvale,viz. guy with rubber slipper to travel in air, be so affordable for masses. Price of flying same to cost 3 tier cost of rail parity, no of trips 130 million passengers and same number in rail in volume, Imagine magic figures of  the total volume of rail revenue, telecom-revenue and air-revenue generated  is Rs 2 lakh Cr, domestic carrier Rs One lakh Cr and Int Carrier is Rs One lakh Cr. We have doubled in last 3 – 4 yrs. Airline soon to quin-tip the volume to gain in such proportions. This is only people percentage  5% of Indian fly when this percent ascend you can think the volume shall be humongous.15210021803401180440191.jpg

For billion commuter safety and security is major challenge next to find Greenfield land for the airport and IG airport is top few airport cater largest number of commuters.

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