CAG Reports:Railways Planning Monitoring, strengthening with adequate resources

Planning and monitoring
1. All Zonal Railways should prepare integrated track maintenance plans for
day to day as well as periodical maintenance and condition monitoring
using machines/ equipment such as USFD machine, Track Recording Cars,
etc., duly incorporating timelines and resource requirement/ availability.
The plan should include mechanised and non-mechanised components of
track maintenance. It should also incorporate addressing arrears of deep
screening of ballast, de-stressing and prescribed requirements for
operations of CC+8+2 / 25t.
2. The integrated annual maintenance plan for track maintenance of a Zonal
Railway should be promptly communicated to the divisional and field
formations for its effective implementation.
3. Patrolling and inspections should be done as per norms and the teams
should be equipped with GPS enabled devices. Output of patrolling,
inspections should be incorporated into Track Maintenance System
through GPS based devices, which can be used for monitoring of
patrolling, inspections, etc.
4. Monitoring of preparation and implementation of integrated annual
maintenance plan for track maintenance over Zonal Railways should be
treated as a key results area for Principal Chief Engineer and key
performance area for the Chief Track Engineer for Zonal Railways.Coordination issues between departments related to monitoring of preparation and implementation of integrated track maintenance plan
should be a key performance area for Divisional Railway Managers and
key results area for the General Managers.
Strengthening the process of track maintenance

Strengthening the process of track maintenance
5. RDSO prescribed guidelines regarding storage of USFD output and
subsequent review / test check / post check should be implemented.
Output of USFD should be uploaded to a centralised data base in real time
and analysed for monitoring the conditions of the rails.
6. Availability, maintenance and operations of Track Recording Cars should
be ensured for checking track parameters at prescribed frequency.
7. Dual detection has been provided to improve the reliability of signals and
decrease the failure of signals. As a side effect, it allows the signals to
remain green even when there is a rail fracture and the track circuit has
dropped. In such a case when the signal would be green and the train
would be moving at maximum permissible speed, there is a risk of
accident. Track circuiting system has the potential for detecting rail
fractures. Safety Committee had recommended that the signal should be
put to yellow aspect as soon as track circuit drops in the dual detection
territory so that the train speed is controlled to lower speed while passing
the affected zone, which may have rail fracture. Railways may consider
using this feature of track circuiting effectively to avert accidents. When a
track circuit fails due to any reason, the signal could be put to yellow and
the train could be passed only at cautious speed, till the track is certified
fit by the P-Way Inspector and there is no rail fracture.
8. Application system like the TMS should be used efficiently to its full
potentiality. Need based access to TMS should be provided to all related
functional departments and units namely Operating, Safety, Accounts
and Signal & Telecommunication, instead of restricting to the Engineering
department only. This will enable effective planning by these
departments and enable them to align their operations and maintenance
activities to the integrated maintenance plans for the track maintenance.
This will also enhance efficiency and effectiveness of block utilisation.
Adequate provision and effective utilisation of resources
9. Railways may consider revising/re-working the formula for calculation of
manpower requirement for track maintenance and re-assess the
manpower requirement in view of the changed scenario, wherein, more
and more mechanised means are going to be used for track maintenance.
Diversion of man power provided for maintenance of track for other work
should not be permitted. Selection criteria for track maintainers may be
aligned with the requirement of their job which includes physical work as
well and persons with defective attitude should be adequately sensitized.
Deployment of man power should be monitored to ensure proper
maintenance of the entire route length.
10. To ensure effective co-ordination between various departments involved,
it may be considered to entrust Divisional Railway Managers with the
responsibility of monitoring block availability and utilization for regular
and periodical maintenance activities.
11. The routes, where enhanced loading over and above the carrying capacity
has been permitted, should be equipped with necessary infrastructure.
This would include installation of Wheel Impact Load detectors (WILD) to
assess impact of enhanced loading on the track structure, installation and
utilisation of weighbridges to detect and prevent overloading, upgradation
of track infrastructure, addressing concern of rail grinding,
weld protection through joggled fish plates and USFD testing of rails at
shorter intervals.
12. Officials of the field formations engaged in track maintenance should be
equipped with mechanised and digital equipment including Personnel
Digital Assistants, GPS enabled communication devices and small track
machines. Necessary skills and training should be imparted to the
personnel engaged in track maintenance. Appropriate funds in the form
of imprest should be provided to enable expeditious maintenance of these
machines and equipment. Availability of spares for these machines should
also be ensured.


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