February 2018 CPI inflation stands at 4.44%

Rural India inflation stands at 4.37% as compared to 5.21% in January 2018 and

Urban India inflation stands at 4.52% as compared to 4.93% in January 2018


The all India general CPI inflation (Combined) for February 2018(Prov.) stands at 4.44% as compared to 5.07% in January 2018. The inflation rates for rural and urban areas for February 2018 (Prov.) are 4.37% and 4.52%  respectively, as compared to 5.21% and 4.93% respectively, for January 2018. Rate of inflation during February 2018 (Prov.) for sugar and confectionery stands at (-)0.26 %, pan and tobacco at 7.34%, cereals and products at 2.10%, milk and products at 3.83%, egg at 8.51%, spices at (-)1.01%, pulses and products at (-)17.35% etc.

     Consumer Price Inflation (Combined) (%)


   Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from CSO

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