TDP No confidence next move

With TDP quitting the NDA would be demanding, No confidence vote against the Modi government with 18 Lower house members of TDP TCR 3 mombers, join opposition camp.TMC, Congress, Left, NCP and SP joining is matter of Conglomerate to decide.No confidence motion to be listed as per this nova- political calculus the parties to get together with revolt ignite from Gorakhpur by LS polls.

Political landscape change after PNB mega fraud busted and legend looter landed abroad without any visible government intend to nab the public fund embezzler.

Indian government rehearsing the way to quell these dark clouds and with bye polls the opposition unity found the way to dig Modi political rig deep down to hearts of masses and in International relations.

Will history of Atal Gov lost by one vote, will repeat in 2018.

Listing of No confidence motion need to be aporove by LS Speaker. TDP and TCR to move need 32 members  to get NDA Gov fall.


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