RJS Vande Mantram & JaiHind Journalists met

Naresh Sagar: Dated 17 3.201708 New Delhi : RJS Vande Mantram & JaiHind Journalists met to discuss positivity in journalism.Deliberation began with self introduction of India News Today and the inquisitive young – Interns.

Image may contain: 8 people, including Uday Manna and Naresh Kumar Sagar, people standing

RJS journalists raised lot of questions related to the media°s career,its working , social security welfare of media person and it’s growth in today’s perspective. Uday Manna the Convener of the group explained the necessity of positive journalism and how to inculcate it’s ethic and values so the society gets inspiration to be better human being.Naresh Sagar RJS Sr member of RJS explain the role of media as an umpire,observer has bird view to find solutions with continuous deliberation among intellectual Thinkers for setting right direction for the society to achieve their Solomon goals and bring day to day changes in the society.

Image may contain: 4 people, including Uday Manna and Naresh Kumar Sagar, people sitting

Entire deliberation or mini worship started at 2.15 PM lasted UpTo 6.15 PM the India News Today asked to convert the deliberation into the videos for the benefit of media fraternity. Deliberation were shot in questions answer firm as an interview which shall be uploaded as per the schedule of Ajay Pawar who is well versed film direction and took personal interest in making it Video of Chai for baatcheet soon shall be sent to 10K members of ippci ,WJI & RJS.

JaiHind- JaiBharat

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