Minister Ravi: Congress party hire Cambridge Analytica for 2019 campaign

 Congress has denied the charged, saying it is ‘absolutely false’.
“News about Congress engaged/engaging with Cambridge Analytica is absolutely false.,” Head of Congress’s social media Divya Spandana tweeted.

Union Minister and BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad today said, the Congress party has links with Cambridge Analytica which has been accused of manipulating US elections.

Briefing media in New Delhi this afternoon, Mr Prasad said, Cambridge Analytica, the agency roped in by Congress to run their 2019 campaign and termed as their ‘Brahmastra’ in certain section of media, is accused of using bribes, sex workers to entrap politicians and stealing data from Facebook. Mr Prasad asked Congress President Rahul Gandhi to explain the role of Cambridge Analytica in his social media profile.

The Minister made it clear that any covert or overt attempt to misuse social media including Facebook to influence country’s electoral process through undesirable means will neither be tolerated nor be permitted. He said, the NDA government is committed to free and fair elections.

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