Cyclone Marcus move to Perth

Tropical Cyclone Marcus into a category five system 950 kilometres northwest of Port Hedland and is tracking west, well away from the WA mainland. Trees are quite literally rolling down roads as appear in videos.

Cyclone Marcus slamming the Australian coast. Australian soldiers and US Marines help  remove debris. Marcus storm blasted heavy rain and strong winds to Australia’s Northern Territory this weekend: There’s a chance for a second cyclone to threat Darwin within the next days as we’re seeing the monsoon trough starting to get more active now through the eastern Arafura Sea as per the weather reports.

Cyclone has the strongest category rating possible for a cyclone and is generating winds of 205 kilometres per hour, with gusts of up to 285kph.
Experts say that level or possibly strengthen even further uptil Thursday, when it should start weakening and moving south along the coast, then turn east towards Perth on the weekend.
The cyclone after battered Darwin, passing over the Northern Territory capital as a category two system on the weekend and causing widespread damage.Media agencies

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