Explain Why Debt-Ridden DSGMC Splurged on Celebrations

Explain Why Debt-Ridden DSGMC Splurged On Your Father’s Birthday Celebrations, SADD Asks GKGK’s Narcissism Coming at a Heavy Price

NEW DELHI — Already driven to the verge of financial collapse, the DSGMC carried out-lavish spending to celebrate birthday of its president’s late father in what has been a criminal waste of Sangat funds, SADD secretary-general Harvinder Singh Sarna regretted Tuesday. Twenty-two buses were dispatched from the committee budget to the Punjab village of  Jathedar Santokh Singh, the late father of DSGMC chief Manjit Singh GK recently.


“Was the jathedar a national hero? Was he a Sikh hero who fought for any movement in Punjab?” asked S. Sarna. “What was his stature in bigger scheme of things? Can he, under any situation, be compared with stalwarts of Punjab in independent India?

The answer to all these questions is one word and this ‘no’,” the SADD leader said.Still, GK chose to glorify himself by celebrating his father’s birthday at the expense of community resources, S. Sarna noted.“On the one hand you are preparing to beg for a huge loan and mortgage DSGMC estates.On the other, you continue to splurge gurdwara resources to satisfy your sick ‘I-me-my’tendencies.

Your narcissism is coming at a heavy price,” S. Sarna told GK.The SADD demanded the DSGMC president immediately reimburse every penny he orderedthe committee to spend on the event.“It was your personal program and agenda not even remotely linked to the Panth. You haveto refund every paisa you took out from the DSGMC treasury to advertise and celebrate yourfather’s birthday. Be warned, this shouldn’t happen again,” S. Sarna asked GK

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