BW SME conclave 2018


Business World held Dogital Ledership conclave with many delegates from MSME sector with new tech digital leaders introduced and gave awards to many young entrepreneurs with special leadership of women panel discussion.

MSME Minisiter Shri Giriraj Singh chief Guests during awatds ceremony made fervent appeals to the enterprises to origin from rural town with plethora of businesd amwntitiex to reduce labor cost and to then compeyetive at global level in apparel exports.

Further Union Minister made call for more lady enterpreuners as we have only ten percent which need to accelerate. Minister said he is aware of enormous contribution of MSME in employment  and earning ratio a prime mover of economic growth he stands committed to give all out help and assistance to galvanise this MSME sector.

Delegates raised some pertinent points and questions to the nodal offocials Jt Secretary from MSME ministry GOI.

On incorporation of MSME  question was raised that enormous set of papers are needed to dowloads to registration of MSME needs to be simplified limited to few papers. Anothrt Q was raised on defining the terms of micro, small, medium, enterprises or organisation, enterpreunrship for funds on capital finds deployed  or turnover aspect, further depend on its origin of place rural or urban needs rebate concession on its incoporatiin from backward area to dev urban.

An important aspects are the tax holiday  for neo  entrants of MSME for seven yrs for remote or backward  area  and three  yrs to MSME  from urban zone shall make nee entity have an ease of business  to take  initiative for the career of enterpreunership.

Mr Ram Mohan Mishra, Add Secretary appreciated the suggestion  and asked BW official to send these bullet points for benefits to his office for immediate action.


MSME registration  on ministry site is very cubersome needs more simpler in asking document explained how difficult to load on govt site hundred of documents  and send hard copies to the respective  MSME ministry.Delegate asked this action need to be more simpler.


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