We can Rethink Brexit,Renew Britain!

“Renew Britain” width

Dear Naresh Sagar
Everyone from Renew HQ wishes you a Happy Easter!
We have over 4,000 people on our database, 4,000 on Facebook, 11,000 on Twitter and we now want to hear your thoughts!  We have already had a significant amount of responses to our Listen to Britain survey and with your help we can reach our goal of 20,000 so we can Rethink Brexit, Renew Britain!

Local election campaigning has now kicked off and we are pleased to be able to announce we will be standing 20 people in the local elections! We now have candidates standing in London and the North East.
Activity on our regional Facebook groups has now kicked off with various events taking place and people taking place in the pro-Europe marches last weekend. Thank you to all the people who attended these marches, it was great to have a Renew presence at them!

Finally, James T has been in the Independent this week summing up things we have learnt from the Listen to Britain Tour. Please do give it a read!

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