Will Kejriwal sit on





Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is sitting on a Hunger Strike or not against sealing from 31st March has become a million dollar question for all and particularly the traders across Delhi are confused . The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT)) said that Now only one day is left in between and sealing has not stopped yet, it is to been whether Mr Kejriwal stands with his words according to his declaration.                                  


So far no announcement has been made from Kejriwal or his camp as to whether he is sitting on Hunger Strike or not, if so when and where, who all along with him will sit on Strike ,whether he enjoys support of the traders or not . Both Delhi Government & AAP has maintained acute silence on this issue so far which gives rise to the conclusion that perhaps it was merely a political declaration just to catch cheap publicity.                                               


The CAIT has asked Mr Kejriwal to spell out the demands of Hunger Strike . Merely saying that sealing be stopped has no meaning and being Delhi CM he should come out with ways & means to stop sealing.                        


It is noteworthy to mention that few days back while visiting Amar Colony, Mr Kejriwal strongly said that if sealing is not stopped by 31st March he will sit on a Hunger Strike. As per his declaration uptill now the preparations must have began but so far the atmosphere and declaration is like in cold storage.   


The CAIT has demanded Shri Kejriwal to make it clear whether he is sitting on Hunger Strike or not. CAIT Secretary General Mr Praveen Khandelwal said that Mr Kejriwal must have taken this decision after due thought and as such the Delhi traders are anxiously waiting the program of his Hunger Strike because his strike will not only strengthen the demand of traders but even pressurise the Central Government .                                      

Mr Khandelwal further said that prior to sitting on Hunger Strike Mr Kejriwal should pass a Bill to stop sealing in Delhi Assembly and through his Hunger Strike pressurise the Central Govt to approve the Bill. On the other hand he should engage senior counsel to represent Delhi Govt in Supreme Court and take orders of notifying 351 Roads.



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