PowerGen Growth

PowerGen Growth 5Yrs – 6.2%, 8.98%, 5.06%, 4.59%, 3.98%

March30, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

In this study of last year of UPA-II and four years of NDA-II when emphasis was on Power Sector, it is revealed by CEA Generation reports – Growth in Generation gradually declined from – When Per Capita Growth in Generation is 4% in Very Good Monsoon year or 7% in just normal year – Entire Spectrum of Consumers benefit from it – but when it is just 2% only the RICH get the benefit – Middle Class and Poor get no benefit.

Declining Power generation runs parallel to the DECLINING ECONOMIC Growth.

Figures are for April-February periods.

6.2% in 2013-14 which was Excess Rainfall Year. Hydro generation increased by 20% or 126 BU therefore Irrigation Pumping was much less and Cool conditions prevailed. Thermal generation growth was only 4%.

8.98% generation growth was achieved in 2014-15 – Program was approved by outgoing UPA-II government. Hydro generation was (-) 4.1% or [121 BU] and Thermal Generation was up 11.7%.

5.06% generation growth was achieved in 2015-16 – Thermal generation growth in drought year was only 6.6% when Hydro generation declined second time (-) 5.2% to 114 BU.

4.6% was generation growth in 2016-17 – Thermal generation growth was only 5.3% and Hydro generation growth was ZERO or 114 BU – peak was126 BU.

Click to access opm_01.pdf

3.98% is latest figures for 2017-18 – Thermal generation growth is only 4.1% and Hydro Generation 119 BU also 4.1% growth.

Even after Capital Expenditure of Rs.16,00,000 Cr in 4 Years – about 100m Households are Yet Get Electricity.

Cost required for 300W to 600W SolarPV Rooftop Panels was Rs.12,000 to Rs.24,000 only or Rs.1,50,000 Cr for all Un-electrified Households – India spent 10 Times More For Little Gain.

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