DSGMC is not serious about safety of women- Inder Mohan Singh Delhi- 30th April : S. Inder Mohan Singh, Sr. Vice President of Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi said that the way by which an ‘Internal Complaints Redressal Committee’ for redressal of complaints of Sexual harassment at workplace was constituted by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara ManagementContinue reading “DSGMC NOT SERIOUS”

Renew contest 16 seats in London

Dear Naresh Sagar We are crowdfunding to help fund our local campaign efforts! We have now reached 50% of our total and have four days left. Please can you donate and share with your contacts! Local elections are this Thursday and all of our 16 candidates have been busy  campaigning in their areas and canvassing with localContinue reading “Renew contest 16 seats in London”

The Question of Representation in Higher Education

Sagar Media Inc : National Convention The Question of Representation in Higher Education 30 th April 2018 India International centre , New Delhi DUTA   The convention discussed about the current autonomy scenarios in the universities and the way autonomy is being done the self financing scheme and contractual teaching are key to the autonomyContinue reading “The Question of Representation in Higher Education”

Macron, Rouhani to coordinate Iran Nuke

French President Emmanuel Macron and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani agreed to work together in the coming weeks to preserve the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, according to a statement released by the French presidency. In their hour-long conversation, Macron hoped that the achievements of the negotiations would be preserved and discussions opened on three additionalContinue reading “Macron, Rouhani to coordinate Iran Nuke”

Mobile sector regulatory at Glance

Dear Mobile leaders. Lots of things are happening in mobile sector regulatory aspects. I am giving them hereunder. I am interested to know if friends are interested to know details and does issue affect them. Then pl send me email/phone number and we will enlist you for updates: i) Mandatory testing from TEC by whichContinue reading “Mobile sector regulatory at Glance”

Tripura Assembly Election Expenditure and Vote Share Analysis

According to Section 78 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, every contesting Winner has to lodge a true copy of his election expenses within 30 days from the date of declaration of result of election, with the District Election Officer in all States and Union Territories. Tripura Election Watch and Association for DemocraticContinue reading “Tripura Assembly Election Expenditure and Vote Share Analysis”

Rohingya Refugee Camps Face ‘Life Threatening’

Cox’s Bazar – Work by aid agencies in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps to create life-saving access routes and prepare people for floods, landslides and other disasters ahead of the upcoming monsoon and cyclone season is under imminent threat unless urgent funding is secured in the next six weeks, according to IOM, the UN Migration Agency. WithoutContinue reading “Rohingya Refugee Camps Face ‘Life Threatening’”

PM : Developing Buddhist tourism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that Centre was taking initiatives to develop infrastructure for Buddhist tourism in an attempt to connect Southeast Asia to the important Buddhist sites in the country. ” We are developing infrastructure for Buddhist tourism, which is going to connect Southeast Asia with the important Buddhist sites of India.Continue reading “PM : Developing Buddhist tourism”