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Sagar Media Inc: 02 APR 18. DG Rajendra Singh, PTM, TM, Director General Indian CoastGuard is hosting a five member delegation of the Korea Coast Guard led by Commissioner General Park Kyung Min, Korea Coast Guard in India from 01-06 Apr 18.

A High Level Meeting (HLM) between the Indian Coast Guard andKorea Coast Guard was held at Coast Guard Headquarters, New Delhion 02 Apr 18 under the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) signed between the two agencies in 2006. The Indian delegation for the HLM was led by Director General Rajendra Singh, PTM, TM. The HLM focused on augmenting the operational level interaction and capacity building in areas of Search and Rescue, Pollution Response and Maritime Law Enforcement.

Relations between the two Coast Guards go back a long way with ICG delegations and ships visiting Korea for professional interactions since 2005. This meeting and visit is in continuation of the efforts by the governments of the two countries to enhance cooperation between the Coast Guards in the field of maritime safety and security at sea.

 During the meeting, both sides agreed to strengthen the mutual cooperation in accordance with the provisions of the MoU. Sharing of best management practices and continuation of personnel exchange were agreed upon during the meeting. 

Korea Coast Guard Ship Badaro (No. 3011) has arrived at Chennai on 02 Apr 18 for participating in the joint exercise that is scheduled on 05Apr 18. Both the Director General Indian Coast Guard and the Commissioner General Korea Coast Guard will be travelling to Chennai to oversee the joint exercise.

The meeting was significant in providing added impetus to the already existing professional relationship between the Coast Guards of India and South Korea.

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