Udit Raj, a Dalit MP says Dalits` anger against Hon. Supreme Court not the BJP

Udit Raj, a Dalit MP says Dalits` anger against Hon. Supreme Court not the BJP

                                             (Rahul Kumar Balley, Senior Correspondent)  

On  2nd April,2018 an historic call for Bharat Bandh was given by All India Dalit Organisations against dilution of SC/ST ACT by Hon. Supreme Court of India. The SC/ST Act enshrined in the Constitution of India is meant to protect poor, innocent, and defenseless Dalits.

Behn Mayawati, President of Bhujan Samaj Party(BSP), Ambedkar Mission Society, Valmik Sabhas, Ravidass Sabhas, Sikh Sabha supported Bharat Bandh. Lahori Ram Balley, Editor Bheem Patrika and trustee of Ambedkar Bhawan, Jalandhar posted a youtube video apprising about the vicious attentions of Modi government in diluting the SC/ST ACT. Ramvilas Paswan, Ramdas Athawale, Dalit Ministers in the Modi government, under suppressed voice, also condemned the dilution of SC/ST Act. Professor Vivek Kumar, an Indian sociologist and a pubic intellectual writes: “Today dalit assertion has transcended the national boundary & has reached international levels. The dalit diaspora that has remained invisible all these years has joined Indian dalits”. The Dalit Diaspora residing in various parts of the world hugely supported Bharat Bandh. This solidarity and unity of the minority organizations shows that the dalits can no longer be suppressed

There is no denying the fact that under the BJP, backed by RSS, atrocities against the Dalits multiplied. National Crime Bureau data shows horrifying figures of atrocities against Dalits in India. Dalits do not get justice because the law –enforcing agencies are controlled by the upper caste people.

Leaders of Hindu organizations such as RSS/VHP and their allies use abusive language against the Dalits. One side Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India claims a true well-wisher of the Dalits on the other side, leaders of RSS/VHP under the nose of Mr Modi`s government commit inhuman crimes against Dalits. Dalit men or women are not safe in the villages of India. Several gruesome killings of the Dalits in the past show the BJP is anti-Dalit political party. Mohan Bhagwat, head of RSS is anti-reservation. He is wants reservation should end.

Since centuries, Dalits are subject to various kinds of caste discrimination. Untouchability is rampant in many parts of the country. Dalit women are raped in a day light. Dalit men are bitten naked in the open market by the upper caste Brahmins. A dalit man is killed by upper caste people because he dared to sit on a horse. Marriage procession of a dalit bridegroom playing music was stoned by upper caste people. Brahmins are highly uncivilized, unsophisticated, and uncultured.

Udit Raj,  of the BJP claims on a national NDTV debate that the anger of the Dalits is against Hon. Supreme Court not the BJP. Such greedy, opportunistic persons deserve not to be called a DALIT LEADER. A day has gone when Udit Raj was advocating for reservation in the private sectors for the Dalits. Almost twenty years back he tonsured his head and embraced Buddhism. On the condition of anonymity his close previous associate of Udit Raj said: Udit Raj is a highly selfish  man. He always practiced a policy of ‘Use and Throw. He collected huge amount of money in the name of Baba Sahib Ambedkar while running All India Confederation of SC/ST organization. He is chameleon who can stoop to any level to capture power and money. Since the day he has been a BJP Member of Parliament he never raised voice in favour of the Dalits. The BJP/RSS leaders do not like him at all. He is as dead as a wood in the BJP.

Today, Dalits should not only be cautious about caste practicing Brahmins but also be alert and vigilant about persons like Udit Raj. He is neither an Ambedkarite nor a Buddhist. Brahmins are confusing this ACT with reservation. SC/ST Act has nothing to do with reservation.

Rahul Kumar Bali
Cell Number:91-11-9871080016

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