Formation of anti harassment cell


Delhi Medical Association is deeply concerned about the ongoing incidences of exploitation and harassment to young doctors during their studies at various plateaus of their carrier. The repeated incidence of suicides by the Ph D students the residents, the postgraduates and the undergraduates’ students has shaken the confidence of the profession at large that something more has to be done to create a better and respectful relationship between teacher and taught.

The recent incidence of the molestation of an intern and by a senior doctor and repeated allegations that there is a repeated harassment of the junior doctor by the senior doctor has to be investigated and supported. Keeping in mind the interest /safety of the dignity of the students, Delhi Medical Association has formed a special task force involving Past presidents and other senior leaders of the association to look into this matter. This anti-harassment task force will look into all the complaints by the students of any type of harassment they are facing during their studies /carrier and every necessary step shall be taken to make their studies /carrier a comfortable journey to become a better doctor.

This task force shall be available 24×7 and shall take all the complaints from the various sessions of the young doctors and shall try to create an environment of faith and belief between the teacher and taught.

The chairman of Delhi Medical Council and Registrar of the council shall be invited members of the task force to help taking action against the offences which shall be amounting to be unethical and criminal in nature.  The committee is as follows –

Dr. Ashwani Goyal           -President – 9811113647

Dr. Prem Aggarwal          – Chairman – 9810203358

Dr. K.K. Aggarwal             – Member – 9811090206    

Dr. Harish Gupta               – Member – 9810219482     

Dr. Rakesh Gupta             – Member – 9958123123    

Dr. Naresh Chawla           – Member- 9811035060       

Dr. Nomeeta Gupta-      – Member  9810267018        

 Dr. Deepmala Lalachandani – Member 9599291603


Hony. State Secretary, DMA

M: 9811078010



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