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Dear friends, 

It’s official: Facebook and social media are out of control. A quarter of a BILLION Facebook accounts are fake! 87 million of us had our data stolen to help Trump win. Russian disinformation operations generated BILLIONS of shares. On Wednesday CEO Zuckerberg will make history testifying before the US Congress. This is our moment to force government and big internet to commit to fix this mess. Sign the open letter below with one click and Avaaz will deliver it in a massive action outside Congress:  


To Mark Zuckerberg, Internet CEOs and Government Regulators: 

Enough is enough. We call on you to protect our democracies and immediately:

  • Tell the Truth about fake users and disinformation campaigns, including through independent audits.
  • Ban the Bots – ban ALL fake or imposter user accounts.
  • Alert the Public – notify all users EACH time they are exposed to fake or malicious content, and correct the record.
  • Fund the Fact-Checkers – an independent army big enough and fast enough to stem the spread of lies.

Crucial elections are just months away. Facebook’s motto used to be Move Fast and Break Things. Now you need to Move Fast and Fix Things. 



It’s not an exaggeration. Everything we love is under threat – from human rights to democracy to the environment. 

This problem is worldwide, with the UN even blaming Facebook for genocide of the Rohingya! But Russia has weaponised it, launching what NATO calls the biggest information war in history. They’ve set up millions of fake users, pages, sites, organisations posing as everything from neo-Nazis to leftist muslim-rights organisations to psychic fortune tellers — all designed to promote the far right, infiltrate the left, and undermine democracy. They’ve generated billions of shares, reaching virtually all of us. 

Facebook says they’re acting fast, but they’ve dragged their feet for months, and they won’t be transparent. Their answer is “trust us”. We can’t afford that anymore, so this Wednesday let’s make sure we get the ball rolling with US legislators and Zuckerberg publicly committing to our call to action — add your name with one click

In many ways, the Russian and far-right disinformation campaigns are the mirror image of our movement. In response to our real movement building global unity, they launch fake movements, pushing lies and deception to divide us. As a result, they’ve seen us as a powerful opponent and constantly targeted Avaaz! This is a battle for the soul of the internet, for democracy itself, for our future. Let’s win it. 

With hope and determination, 

Ricken, Christoph, Nell, Mia, Alaphia, Diego, Fadi, Marie, Jenny, Meetali, Andrew, Nick, Fatima, Danny and the whole Avaaz team.  


Inside the two years that shook Facebook – and the world (Wired)

Facebook Says Data on Most of Its 2 Billion Users Is Vulnerable

Germany starts enforcing hate speech law (BBC News) 

How Facebook can cut down on fake news without relying on thousands of humans to decide what is true (Quartz) 

Selective Exposure to Misinformation: Evidence from the consumption of fake news during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign (Princeton University, Dartmouth College, University of Exeter) 

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