‘Learning in a Global Context’

The Centre for Policy Research and The World Bank Group invites you to a half-day seminar on Learning in the Global Context. The seminar will focus on the key findings of The World Development Report 2018Learning to Realize Education’s Promise, followed by a discussion on India’s learning agenda.

Education powerfully advances twin strategic goals: ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Given that today’s students will be tomorrow’s citizens, leaders, workers, and parents, a good education is an investment with enduring benefits.

But providing education is not enough. What is important, and what generates a real return on investment, is learning and acquiring skills. Without learning, students will be locked into lives of poverty and exclusion, and the children whom societies fail the most are those most in need of a good education to succeed in life. Learning conditions and outcomes are almost always much worse for the disadvantaged.

To realize education’s promise, learning needs to be prioritized, not just schooling. To make learning central to the discourse in education, three complimentary strategies are needed:
1. Assess learning to make it a serious goal
2. Act on evidence to make schools work for learning
3. Align all actors to make the system work for learning

The agenda can be accessed here.

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