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Nepal India’s Switzerland – $400b INVEST Program 2017-37

August24, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh


Meeting of Industry & Business Leaders of 70 Yrs old Democracy India and Youngest Democracy of the World Nepal last evening was great and historic.


Politically Nepal may be led by Nehru Era Leaders but Nepal Business & Industry is in the hands of present generation of Qualified Globally Engaged Professionals and they are expected to adopt best Infrastructure, Technologies & Services anywhere in the world – bypass mistakes made by senior democracy in the region India.


When my family friend’s son working in Merrill Lynch shifted to Dubai, UAE in 2000 due very low or No Taxes I didn’t believe it to succeed but fact is Wealth of UAE expanded Five Fold from $127b to $597b in 2016. Wealth of India & Nepal in the same period expanded from $1163b to $3099b and $9b to $37b.




UAE added $470band Switzerland$2194b to their Wealth when India and Nepal added $1936b and $28b in same period.


NEPAL Should Switch to ‘Wealth Generation Model Of UAE of Attracting Investments in Big Projects – Multipurpose Dams, Urban Infrastructure, Hotels & Healthcare, Education’ because Swiss Model is based over 200 Years of S&T Progress PLUS Open Economy.


Nepal to DrawBlueprint of $400b INVEST Program by 2037.


Fully develop 80,000 MW of Multipurpose Dams – These shall ensure $20b-$40b annual revenue to Nepal on invest of $200b – in addition provide flood protection, Clean Air & Water – Nepal shall have SWITZERLAND like environment to attract Investors & Tourists.


Nepal Hydro Projects Shall Generate $200 Trillion Wealth in 500 Yrs.


Build Electric Railway Network as Public Transport than Motor Vehicles and Integrate with Indian Railways which may have BULLET Train Network fully developed by 2037.


Develop High Quality Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Residential Blocksand Industries similar to World’s Best. Adopt Piped Sewerage everywhere than pit toilets.


Develop Agriculture With FOOD PROCESSING at Farm Program. This shall minimize Garbage generation in Urban & Tourist Resorts.


Invest in S&T for Next Generation to Integrate with Global Knowledge Alliances. 


Switch to CNG/LNG Transport & COOKING FUEL than Wood, Coal and Diesel.


Indian Industry, Business & Tourist Shall Contribute Half of Nepal’s Progress.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

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Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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