Today was a proud moment for our country

Today was a proud moment for our country.
Dr (Prof.) Anil Arora and his team set a new world record of “Largest gathering of joint replacement patients”, in the presence of Guinness World Records team at Delhi, on 8th April 2018. With this setting, Prof Arora’s Knee and Hip Surgery Clinic finds a place in Guinness World Records.
Dr (Prof.) Anil Arora is Senior Director and Chief Surgeon at Knee and Hip Surgery Clinic & Global Ortho, Senior Director & Unit Head in Department of Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement at Max Super Speciality Hospital and Institute of Joint Replacement, Patparganj, Delhi, Chairman of Global Knee and Hip Foundation, India. The World Record Setting Event was followed by CARE Program for Joint Replacement patients. Dr Arora told that this event was held, to dispel myths surrounding joint replacement surgeries and to remove misconception from the mind of a common man that joint replacement surgery is not successful. The previous was record was of 100 participants. In this gathering of 200 patients who had their joint replaced, participated in various physical activities including races and running. They also danced to the tune of some popular songs. These patients who had already undergone joint replacement surgery, shared their life changing successful stories.
Prof. Arora told that when one talks of joint replacement surgeries in our country, people carry negativity in their mind regarding the surgery and are not sure about the results. Joint Replacement Surgery is considered the most successful surgery of the last century and it can give you predictably positive results, if done by an expert, in a proper environment and by a proper technique. Millions of patients are there in our country who can derive benefits of joint replacement surgery but do not come forward for this surgery out of fear. This event was organized to showcase the positive results of joint replacement surgery and to remove the fear in minds of people about joint replacements. Prof Arora showed many couples (Husband and Wife) who had undergone Total Knee Replacement Surgery.
Prof. Arora told that there is no other better way to give this positive message to the society than showing live examples of hundreds of joint replaced patients who shared their life changing stories on joint replacement surgery.
People also have a misconception that it requires prolonged bed rest after knee or hip replacement surgery. On the contrary Dr Arora showed a case, where a lady who was bedridden for last 30 years, was able to walk independently 48 hours after PINLESS Computer Navigation Technology for both knee replacements. The lady was able to back on her feet again after 30 years!!! For this Dr Arora was awarded a record in Limca Book of Records in 2017.

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