Are we not becoming slave of English Language

Balraj Saggar. Are we not becoming slaves of English language and culture?                                                          

Unfortunate is the country where a foreign language is introduced at the first primary, even at the pre-primary stage. It not only establishes the supremacy of that language in the minds of small kids at their budding stage but also affects their power of understanding and expression. The system exerts a lot of pressure on their minds for learning that language, taking away their usual development of expression. It is an established fact that if you attain mastery over one language for which mother tongue is the best, it is easy to attain it over other languages too. During early years, let children be taught through mother tongue where aim should be to develop their power of expression as much as possible. National language, if it is not the mother tongue, may be introduced at third or fourth class level and English or any other foreign language in 6th class and as an optional subject. Domination of English in India is responsible for many of the ills.


We are adopting not only the language but also are highly influenced by its cultural background. In such a situation, it is but natural that Indians are drifting away from their rich cultural values. In order to set things right, it will be appropriate to make national as well as regional languages as medium of instruction for all subjects up to the highest level for which primary concern is to develop requisite vocabulary in all subjects for which Sanskrit is a vast source to depend upon. If this is not done, India will always remain slave to English language and culture.         



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