Centre wants IPS

Centre Wants IPS Officers to Check PS Corruption & Crimes

April07, 2018(C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com


Center has realized Police Stations are Running Parallel Government.


There is Massive Corruption in Police Stations and Thanas Patronize CRIMINALS of all kinds – Property Grabbers, Drug Peddlers, Liquor Mafia, Goons, Stalkers, Extortion Gangs, Flesh Trade, Pick Pockets to Auto Lifters to Robbers, Land Mafia, Illegal Street Vendors, Cheats and Economic Offenders and Murders for Money.


Criminals ESCAPE by Bribing ASI, SI or Inspectors who don’t record FIR or Factual situation – Actually GUIDE CRIMINALS to Escape for Money.   


Gems, Jewelry, Weapons and Valuable Case Properties are not returned is Common to all police stations.


90% of the CRIMES in India are preventable but Police do not keep records of SERIAL CRIMINALS – Even Deaths in Accident are not recorded or Murders are recorded as Natural Deaths in so many cases.


Victims struggle in Courts for Decades to get Justice for CRIMES Which were avoidable.


Most often CHEATING, FORGERY & FRAUDS are not registered as CRIMINAL CASES and VICTIMS forced to take up Criminal Matters in Civil Courts for decades.


In SLP (C) 28441 of 2008 in the Supreme Court was a CHEATING Case – A Punjab Farmer entered in to EXCHANGE DEAL with a School Principal – Farmer delivered his 2.5 Acre Land in Punjab to the School but as agreed Farmer was to get 5 Acres of Land in Uttarkhand – but Registration Documents were Found to be FORGED and Farmer was DEPRIVED of his Land for 12 Years and Supreme Court finally decided in Farmers favor.


Had Police Registered FRAUD & FORGERY Case against the School Principal harassment to VICTIM could have been 95% Avoided. Police is Often on the PAYROLLS of Criminals – Not Protecting VICTIMS.


Centre Directing IPS Officers who are Well Trained to Personally INVESTIGATE Complaints against POLICE STATIONS Shall Help in CLEANING Corruption in Police Stations & CHECK CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES Of Police Officers.


Accurate Recording of FIRs and Maintaining COMPUTERIZED DATA Base of CRIMES Of All kinds shall Minimize Crimes in India.


India could save 5% to 10% of GDP every year in Avoiding Crimes and Prolonged Litigation in Courts.  


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS


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