Facebook 87 million datas under scrutiny

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says Facebook data could be in Russia
Whisle blower said facebook enormous data segregated at various regions in most scuentific method to dilute its significance. .
Most of the information improperly harvested from Facebook Inc users might be stored in Russia, said the former employee of Cambridge Analytica who blew the whistle on the data-privacy scandal involving the analytics firms role in the 2016 presidential election.
The data could be stored in various parts of the world, including Russia, Christoper Wylie said in an interview news  broadcaster NBC.
The professor who was managing the data harvesting process was going back and forth between the UK and Russia, Wylie said, an apparent reference to Cambridge University lecturer Aleksandr Kogan.
Wylie said it was difficult to verify how many people had access to the Facebook information or derivatives of that data because it was a lot of people, according to a partial transcript released by the network.
The number of Facebook profiles whose data was improperly shared with London-based Cambridge Analytica was first estimated at 50 million people. This week, Facebook raised that estimate to 87 million. Wylie said the true figure could be higher, absolutely.
Once data leaves your database, you know, data is a fungible thing, right? he said. You can make as many copies as possible.
Facebook founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to testify before Congressional panels investigating the mishandling of its data and other revelations about the social-media giant.
Zuckerberg is scheduled to appear before a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committee on Tuesday to discuss Facebooks role in society and users privacy. Hell back up Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Social and Political experts are of opinion, Those who seek photographs or writing for commercial use or audio videos need to pay to the owner in case of Facebook datas the Chair
Zuckerberg has sneakingly transferred for his ulteriors gain without consent so in each country has the option to take appropriate action according to the law of the land.Facebook is both public good in many matters but could play toppling factor de stablising puluse of the people to create its purposes meet by creating fake news originating from isolated people to bring insurmountable loss to nation and nations thus participating  in planning strategy for political parties and nation to bring change according to funds exchanged. Social sites need to be tamed nationally globally its transparency each facebooks contributors need to be paid on its earnings.
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