The Secret Law of Blessing by Karan Razdan


               ( Rahul Bali, Senior Correspondent, Sagar Media Inc)

“The Secret Law of Blessing” book is written by Karan Razdan, actor, writer and film-maker is a non-fiction work. Karan Razdan is a well-known Bollywood celebrity. Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki, Zara Si Zindgai, Jeevan Dharra, Tum Laut Aao, Disco Dancer are his Hindi famous movies of the 70s &80s.

Buddha said: “Make of yourself a light”. Razdan claims that he is a practicing Buddhists who believe in Karma. According to the author, spirituality is not only calm and serene but also a thrill, drama, and romance. Every human being deserves equal respect. Every human being deserves an equal amount of happiness and love and success. In a world of strife and violence and religious pollution, the book is timely and beautifully written and is recommended for one and all who really want to tread a path of spirituality.

The showcase of the book was organized by Ashi Foundation run by founder Mrs Pallavi Bhatara. Ashi Foundation is a non-profit organization working for the empowerment of children and women. Since 2000, Ashi Foundation under the leadership of the founder Mrs. Pallavi Bhatara achieved many milestones in educating poor and needy children. Women are skilled through life skill workshops to make them independent entrepreneurs. Ashi Foundation`s contribution to the upliftment of poor and needy children and women is commended. Ashi Foundation has been awarded 80G and 12A exemption under Income Tax Act for all contributions.

Mr. Gaurav Bhatara, an Educator and Founder and Director of AB Tutorials in his welcome address summarized the Buddhists philosophical thoughts. Sukhmani Buddha`s theory of Cause and Effect illustrates “Good deeds bring good results. Bad deeds bring bad results. Your own deeds bring your own results”.

A moderator, Ms. Vinita Bakshi, an award-winning sociologist and author of “31Miles: Can we even win against ourselves”? beautifully unfolded chapters of the book during a conversation with Karan Razdan. The function concluded with a beautiful song by Chinmayi Tripathi.

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